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Cole Kant is the second son of Calvin Kant, and Edith's younger brother.


He wears androgynous attire.[1]





Although he is not good with the sword and possess an indecisive character, he has a great talent for learning. Taking cooking for example, he had learned how to prepare Bird Beak Mushrooms simply by eating them once or twice at banquets organized by His Majesty, yet the taste was almost identical. This would not be possible without an ingenious mind. It also applied to his clerical work at the City Hall. He had been on the job for merely a few months, but had already served as the official scribe at important meetings held at the Lord's castle. This speed of promotion far exceeded that of people of the same age group as him. Even the bunch of young nobles from the Northern Region, who considered themselves to be peerless in their excellence, might not have been able to do better than him.[2]



Calvin Kant[]

Edith Kant[]

Cole is subservient to Edith and is sometimes genuinely scared of her, but nevertheless, he admired his elder sister and wished to share her view of the world. He was once caught wearing his sister's dress and then forced to wear women's clothing by the latter.[3]


Roland Wimbledon []



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