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Coldwind Ridge is a town on the border of the Northern Region of the kingdom of Graycastle and Hermes Plateau.

It was established to monitor Church's activity, however harsh environment made it barely suitable to live. During the conflict with Church it was abandoned and later turned into outpost.

Gerald Wimbledon start city


Coldwind Ridge just stood on the hillside.


Its strategic significance, same as Border Town, was to supervise Hermes. Once the signal fire was lit in the town, many of the villages in the Northern Region and the nearest Deepvalley Town would see the warning.[1]

The little town's city wall, that muddy fence could hardly be called a city wall.[2]


When Gerald Wimbledon had served as the commander of the frontier guards, he had made his customary visits to Coldwind Ridge during each year's Months of Demons to assist the Church in fighting against demonic beasts. In one of his stays here, he had met a bar girl called Olivia in a tavern and fallen in love with her.[3]


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