City of Neverwinter, formerly known as Border Town, is the new capital city of the Kingdom of Graycastle. After Roland's second Month of Demons and completion of the road between the former Border Town and Longsong Stronghold, he decided to merge them together to form the new city. After merging, Border Town was referred to as Border Area and Longsong Stronghold as Longsong Area instead.

Geography Edit

Neverwinter City is located in the most western part of the Graycastle Kingdom, bordered in the north by the Northern Mountain Slope and in the west by vast Hidden Forest. To the east, a road leads to the Longsong Stronghold. On its south runs the Redwater River and going further south there is another Mountain Range, which gives way then to the Sea.

Background Edit

Border Town was established roughly 30 years before Roland Wimbledon's arrival, a young place compared to Longsong Stronghold's 200 years of history.[1] It was set up by Duke Ryan's ancestor to be an outpost with the intention to serve as an early warning to the evil beasts' invasion. However, the pioneers discovered a mine rich with ores and gemstones in the Northern Mountain Slope and so it became practically a small municipality. Every year the locals mined gemstones and ores, exchanging them with the stronghold in order to gain shelter and food for the winter, however they didn't know it wasn't a fair trade. They went into the Stronghold for hiding throughout the winter. They often scammed the people of Border Town by purchasing high quality animal furs at low prices.

Two years before Roland's arrival, the Months of Demons which happens annually has lasted for almost 4 months. Because the mined ore was only enough for three months worth of food, the greedy city official Reynolds who was responsible for supplies refused to provide additional grain.[2] It caused starvation among Border Town's population and the deaths of nearly one-fifth of its population (~500), which. Despite some nobles' complaints, Reynolds wasn't punished as he was Duke Ryan's son-in-law.[3]

The original citizens of Border Town consist of many people who didn't take the church's teachings seriously, and it can be assumed that Karl van Bate was the only one to be teaching them the church's beliefs. Therefore it was easy for Roland to convince the original 2,000 population to accept witches alongside them over the duration of 3 to 4 months of isolation.

Population Edit

When Roland Wimbledon arrived in Border Town, it counted 2000 people.[4] After accepting refugees from all over the country, the number of residents exploded exponentially.

Economy Edit

At the start, the main exports of the Border Town were from mining and hunting, and the bulk of the imports were food items. Everything would be transported through Longsong stronghold or directly through the Redwater River from Willow Town.[5]

The mining exports contained all kinds of minerals, like iron, copper, sulfur, rock crystal, ruby, sapphire, with an annual output value of 1000 gold royals.[1] The minerals exported by the town weren’t paid for with the kingdom’s gold royals, instead they were paid for with the foodstuffs that arrived, as the Longsong Stronghold had the trade monopoly.

Roland's first policy was breaking the embargo. He started trading directly with Willow Town, selling ores and gemstones at market price and buying food, saltpeter and refined metals.[3]

Agriculture was introduced and expanded, leading to a situation where the domestic production could sustain alone the entire population. Serfs are allowed to retain 30% of the wheat production, and that can only be sold to the State at a fixed price.

Industrialization allowed for the increase of productivity in the mines, smelting of metals and also for the very lucrative export of steam engines.

With the setting of the convenience market, a diverse assortment of innovative products were offered to the residents, such as perfumed soap, wine, mirrors and mushrooms.[6] Amenities like public bathrooms and piped water were also implemented.

Expansion Edit

  • Originally consisting of the Border Area and the Longsong Stronghold Area, the unclaimed land between gradually began to fill in.
  • Border Area's original City Wall was replaced by a wider and taller one, extending further northward, a little into the Misty Forest.
  • A massive steel bridge was built across the Redwater River and the unclaimed land south of the Redwater River gradually began to fill in as well.
  • A path through the mountains south of Neverwinter City was magically flattened to connect the Border Area to the sea where a new port and shipyard was built.
  • The Impassable Mountain Range north of the Border Area was tunneled into by a Devouring Worm operated by Fran, to build the secret base known as the "Third Border City" for the Taquila Witches to live and operate out of.
  • Much of the Misty Forest still outside the City Wall, has been claimed by Leaf's magic to serve as an early warning and control system against the demonic beasts and Demons.

Buildings and Places of Interest Edit

  • City Wall: Spanning from the Northern Mountain Slope to the Redwater River, built to defend the town from the beasts' invasion.
  • Town Square: Surrounded by the marketplace, the square is used for speeches, citizen banquets, and plays.
  • New Civilization District: A planned neighborhood.
  • Industrial Park: A district where factories are to be built.
  • Kingdom Main Street: A paved road to Longsong Stronghold.
  • Third Border City: Home of the Taquila Witches. A rubber worm farm and Celine's laboratory are located here. Kyle also has a work area for experimenting with the rubber substance. Celine's lab deals with safely experimenting with substances before Kyle can be allowed their use.
  • Redwater River Docks: Used for riverboat shipbuilding, First Army movement, refugee gathering, and inland trade.
  • Sea Port: Port for trade with the Fjords, deep-sea shipbuilding, and travel between the City of Neverwinter and its allied witches on Sleeping Island.
  • Spellcasters Tower: A three-storey lab built for Agatha to conduct her own research. The first two floors are for experiments, while the third floor serves as her office and library to store notes.
  • Witch House: Having run out of guest rooms in the castle, Roland authorizes the construction of a new dwelling for the Witch Union's additional members and guests from the Sleeping Island. It initially is a three-floor building.
  • Theater: A theater Roland created in the image of a movie theater. Magic movies are shown here.
  • Airport: Run by Tilly, the airport is where all the airplanes are located. The initial models Seagull and Unicorn are stored here along with newer models.
  • High Energy Lab: Anna's personal laboratory for creating lead boxes to harness uranium energy. Azima and Lucia work here. There are numerous gates and guards around the lab as a safety precaution against the populace as their curiosity could lead to hazardous materials being taken from the lab.
  • Miracle Building: Dubbed such by Karl due to being a 20-floor apartment building. It is the closest building to Roland's modern era built in the city as of Chapter 1197. The first 5 floors had apartments for sale at 500 gold royals. Afterwards the price doubled by every few floors. The 15th floor was bought jointly by the Astrology and Alchemy departments to set up a new headquarters for a joint department. Floor 14 apartments cost 400 gold royals.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Chapter 273, the town had been established 70 years before prince Roland's arrival.
  • During the City Hall Meeting where the name-change from "Border Town" to "City of Neverwinter" was decided, the attending members also decided on the new flag of the new city: "The design of the flag was based on the emblem of the royal family of the Kingdom of Graycastle. Its basic pattern was a gun and a tower, above which was a big pentagram with three smaller ones below. The big pentagram represented Lord Roland Wimbledon, while the smaller ones each represented the City Hall, the Army, and the Witch Union."[7]
  • Roland's castle has approximately seven guest bedrooms. Anna had her own (until she became queen), while the Witch Union shared rooms as duos; Nightingale and Wendy, Scroll and Leaf, Mystery Moon and Lily, Soroya and Echo, Hummingbird and Lightning. Once the White sisters got the last spare room, Roland had the Witch House built to accommodate more members.
  • The last witches to arrive in Neverwinter before the Battle of Divine Will arrived in chapter 1235

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