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Chen begins recalling memories of Roland's siblings:

Chen / Roland is the leader of Border Town. After leaving King's City, he got 2 assistants, one for civil, one for military.

The next morning, Roland's maid Tyre reminds him that Assistant Minister Barov wanted to see him.

Barov asks Roland why he didn't order the execution of a witch. Roland says he does not buy the Church's propaganda that all witches are evil. Why not release that witch?

Roland and Barov then have breakfast. Barov then shows Roland a coin called Insignia of the Sacred Mountain and Magic Eye from the Witch Cooperation Association. Roland does not recall either of these terms. Barov then explains what witches are.

Like us, they can be hurt. They bleed, and aren’t any harder to kill than the rest of us, but that’s only for witches who don’t have resistance. The lifespan of witches who receive the Devil’s power would shorten greatly, but they would obtain a terrible amount of power which ordinary people are unable to rival. Once the witches are fully developed, our armies will suffer greatly. Their appetite for disaster is extremely difficult to restrain or suppress, and they’ve already degenerated into the devil’s minions. The Church therefore formed a Punishment Army, which would arrest and execute any woman who was discovered to have the slightest chance of transforming into a witch. The King has approved of this decree, and in fact, these measures have been highly effective and the incidents of witches wreaking havoc have greatly declined in comparison to a hundred years ago. Rumors about the Holy Mountain, or rather, the Gates of Hell, were derived from an ancient book of that era.

It’s recorded in ancient books that witches can only find real peace in the Holy Mountain. There, they wouldn’t be reverse bitten by their magic powers, and wouldn’t be troubled by burgeoning desires. There’s no doubt that the so-called Holy Mountain is the birthplace of evil and an entrance from the human world to Hell. I think that only Hell won’t punish this bunch of degenerates.

In the past, witches acted solitarily, whether it was to flee or to live in seclusion. But in recent years, the Witch Cooperation Association appeared and made a difference. They wanted to gather all witches and find the Holy Mountain together. For this purpose, the Witch Cooperation Association would even lure other people to become witches. In the Port of Clearwater, there have been many cases of female babies disappearing in the past year, and there are rumors that they were the doings of witches.

This sounds familiar to Chen.