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When it stops raining, Roland delivers a speech to Border Town. He tells them that Petrov refused to deliver food to help the town after the North Slope mining collapse, instead demanding ore.

Roland gave free lunch to anybody who attended the speech. He also planted some people who would speak in favor of him during his speech.

Roland then says that this upcoming Months of Demons will be longer, so they need more food. Fortunately, Roland said he sold the ore to Willow Town and that their cargo ship with enough food to feed Border Town through the winter.

The whole crowd cheers.

This is equivalent to breaking off relations with Longsong Stronghold, so they will not accept any person during the winter. As a result, this winter, they will all have to stay in Border Town. Border Town was currently building a City Wall at the west border of the town.

Roland promises everyone who stays until the end of the Months of the Demons and protects the other townspeople on the city wall will get a reward of 25 silver royals. If someone sacrifices himself while defending the town, his family will receive a compensation of five gold royals.

Under the guidance of his own people placed in the crowd, more and more people swore to wage war. Seeing the atmosphere surge up, Roland timely ordered to issue lunch. He did not expect that everyone would stay in Border Town. As long as half of the people were willing to stay, he would have a chance to obstruct the demonic beasts from moving forward.


Petrov meets the 6 noble families of Longsong and the duke of Longsong Stronghold.

Petrov originally wanted to maintain a monopoly, to get the ore for 30% below the market price. However, Roland does not intend to sell all the ore to Longsong Stronghold, he is even selling the ore for a 50% lower than the market price, which means, he has plans to make a substantial increase in the ore production next year. As long as they are able to increase the production to the double of the former years, Longsong may earn more than ever before. But he also intends to sell their own production of iron, iron production is hot in demand, and resale would also be very easy.

If he can hold Border Town, it would also be very good news for Longsong as they wouldn’t have to focus on dealing with demonic beasts every year, which can save them a huge amount of expenditure. A second advantage would be that the vast amount land between the stronghold and the Border Town will be open. Whether it be cultivating the land or using it to settle new people, both choices would be good. This could greatly ease the current status of the overcrowded stronghold population.

And the 4th prince will not always stay in Border Town. The fight for the throne will only last for five years, after five years Longsong would get a more prosperous Border Town, and then they could include Border Town into the stronghold. Then the territory of the stronghold would become the third largest territory of the whole kingdom. So Petrov's advice is that the stronghold should send staff to help His Highness and collaborate in the defense of Border Town.