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The witch's magic should not be wasted, but used as the engine to promote the development of civilization.
– Roland Wimbledon on the purpose of witches.

They continue to make more cement and start building the City Wall.

As they dig the hole for the foundation, Barov reports to Chen that a stonemason has applied for the job.

When Karl van Bate arrives at the construction site, he is glad to see Anna still alive. Karl then pleads Roland Chen to take Nana into refuge as well to avoid crucifixion.

Nana is from the Paien family. Roland says that he can protect Nana from the witch hunt but that he will not separate her from her family if her family did not harm her.

Chen and Karl then discuss construction.

“I’m going to build a wall from the Chishui River to the foot of the North Slope Mountain. The goal is to ward off the demon beast invasion. From now on this project is your responsibility.”