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Karl van Bate is introduced.

Karl Von Bate saw Anna's execution.

Karl was once in a Mason Guild until an incident with Graycastle officials switching materials used to build a theater, lead it to collapse and kill over 30 stonemasons

The mason guild was disbanded after the judge exiled its leader.

He moved to the border town to start a school (Karl's school), but still remembers their crimes.

At that school, Anna was one of his students. He remembered when Anna's mother died.

Then one day at the bulletin board, Meg was supposed to read a notice but he got sick. So Karl read it and found out about Anna's execution.

After Anna's (false) death, he wants to protect Nana, Anna's friend, from being executed as she also became a witch.

He hears about a recruitment notice for any stone mason, the same place where the notice for Anna's death is written. The notice included that there is no limit to age and gender, long term position and 1 gold per month to anyone who constructs for the government. It also adds that anyone with a rich experience could be granted an official position. He decides to sign up in for Anna and Nana's sake.

He knew Roland despised the Church so perhaps he could convince him that not all witches were evil.