Carter Lannis is the Chief Knight of Roland Wimbledon.

Appearance Edit

Carter is described as rarely handsome tall man, wearing a suit of armor. His hands are "thicker than average human's body."[1]

Personality Edit

Carter is a brave and loyal knight. He has followed many of Roland's orders, no matter how bizarre they seemed.

Background Edit

Carter once visited noble ball, where he invited May to dance with him.

Chronology Edit

As Prince Roland's chief knight, Carter was at Anna's hanging when the former all of a sudden postponed execution. He objected to prince's decision, wary of witches' retaliation, but was mocked by him instead.[1]

Abilities Edit

Carter was trained in all forms of traditional combat that was expected of knights. He was also very adaptable, able to become reasonably skilled with the various new weapons he was asked to use by Prince Roland in a relatively short time.

Relationships Edit

Roland Wimbledon Edit

Carter was initially wary of Prince Roland, because of the latter's tendency to cause a scene. When the prince later showed incredible intellect and altruistic goals, Carter became one of his loyal followers.

May Lannis Edit

Ferlin Eltek Edit

Carter seems to harbor a subtle rivalry to Ferlin Eltek due to the former's wife's past feelings for him.[2]

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