Cara was the leader of the Witch Cooperation Association and along with Wendy and Scroll, one of it's original founders.

Appearance Edit

Cara had green hair and half of her face covered with snake tattoos.

Personality Edit

Originally kind and knowledgeable, after years of iniquitous treatment of witches she became embiterred at the whole world and domineering. Obsession with Holy Mountain aggravated her imperiousness and intolerance to opinion contradicting her own. She considered the possibility of witches being treated kindly or equally with common people no more than a fairy tale or a trap.

Background Edit

Cara founded Witch Cooperation Association in Eastern Region of Kingdom of Graycastle.

Chronology Edit

In the evening on the day of return to Witch Cooperation Association Nightingale told witches about her experience in Border Town. Cara refuted her, knocked her out when she tried to leave and chained her with God's Locket of Retribution. When Cara threatened to pierce her heart if she refuse to admit she was misguided, Wendy came out and tried to diffuse the situation by letting Nightingale go. Other witch voiced their agreement but were interrupted by Cara. At this moment Wendy knocked her down and broke the locket with her magic. Angry Cara sent magic snakes, one bit Wendy while another missed. Nightingale appeared our of Mist, stabbed her in the back and escaped with unconsious Wendy.[1]

Leaf treated her as best as she can but still she was paralyzed below waist. For the expedition to the Holy mountain, She was carried bu other witches. She pushed for the mountain again and again . When it was revealed that the mountain was a mirage, she couldn't understand it. Finally When "Demons" attacked, the iron-handed demon went after her. Her snakes couldn't do anything against his iron-hand but she managed to attack hin in the face with a snake.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Magic Edit

Her ability belonged to the summoning type.

Awakening Edit

Snakes of Magic: She was able to summon a variety of magical snakes with various venom effects. They were:

  • Fossilization:
  • Suffering: A slow acting toxin, that causes unbearable pain immediately. If left alone the target will die, when the toxin invade's their head.[2]
  • Nothingness: It can quickly remove any toxins.[3]
  • Death:

Relationships Edit

Witch Cooperation Association Edit

Wendy and Scroll Edit

Cara created the association together with them and thus the three witches were the closest to each other. They used to talk sometimes about their lives and future plans, but over the years she became less open and companionable.

Nightingale Edit

Nightingale looked up to the leader of association as a kind and knowledgeable person. She was shocked the way Cara reacted when She told the tales of Border city. Cara refuted her, knocked her out and chained her unconscious. Cara threatened to use one of her snake on her when she escaped.

Leaf Edit

She considers her an irreplaceable member of the association, as it was because of Leaf that everyone had the courage to follow her.[2]

Lightning Edit

Cara didn’t care about her, as she had joined the association recently, and her ability only seemed to be flying. If it had not been for the ideals of the association, she would have killed the talkative little girl and tossed her aside in the snow, for always putting forward different views in the search for Holy Mountain and even openly questioned the Holy Book.[2]

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