Candle is one of Sleeping Spell's witches. She was sent to Border Town among the first 5 witches from Sleeping Island by Tilly Wimbledon.

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Her ability belongs to the enchanting type. According to Nightingale's observation, her magic power lied in between the middle and lower levels.

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It looks like a golden haze, that forms into a strong cyclone.[1]

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Minor Preservation: She can enchant objects to keep them at their current state, like letting ice cubes cool things without melting and candles burn without being used up. As a minor, her ability could only work on the light like candles, lamps, and torches.[1]

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Greater Preservation: After her magic power became stable, the effect was greatly enhanced and she could maintain the original characteristics of an object she was in contact with for a while. Such as, after casting her magic power on an ice cube, it would still be emitting cold and not melt under the sun.[1]

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  1. She needs direct contact with the object, which limited her ability to consolidate high-temperature object.
  2. The bigger the object solidification state was different from the normal, the more magic power was consumed and the lasting effect would be shorter at the same time.
  3. The volume was also one of the factors that limited her ability, as the bigger object consumed more magic power.[1]

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