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Bullet Flynn was the Minister of Foreign Affairs under the kings Ayling and Timothy for over 30 years.


Bullet was an old man with fully gray hair.[1]


Bullet delivered king Timothy the news that none of his siblings agreed to return: Garcia didn't respond, Roland refused to leave Border Town until the Months of Demons are over, and Tilly was missing.[1]

Although not specifically stated, it can be assumed that he was present when the Hall of Sky Dome was bombed by Roland Wimbledon.[2]

He later informs Timothy of the emissary delegation sent to Graycastle from the Kingdom of Dawn.[3]

After Roland dethroned Timothy and captured the capital, Bullet was among the nobles who wanted to pledge allegiance to Roland and start working for the new king. However, Roland instead played a "trial game" with them, where he asked questions related to crimes and the nobles answered, while Nightingale verified their answers. Bullet seems to have failed to pass the trial.[4]


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