Broken Sword is a witch from the Kingdom of Wolfheart. She escaped from the Kingdom of Dawn, together with Yorko and three other witches from Wolfheart, to the Kingdom of Graycastle.

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She has shoulder length silver hair.[1]

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Her ability belongs to the summoning type.

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Weapon Transmutation: She can transform into blade-like objects. She does this by first summoning her magic power, then her body starts to glow and radiate, and soon after she would be surrounded by a blinding and flaring light. When the light dissipated, her transformation into a blade-like object would be compete.[2] If she does not constantly switch back and forth, she can remain in this form as long as she likes.[3]

When someone holds her and she's willing to accept that person, she displays the following abilities:

Mental Communication: She can mentally communicate with the holder, and if the holder concentrate on their thought, she can know what they're thinking.[3]

Magic Power Augmentation: The holder will gain all the strength and senses that she has, improving their sight and hearing and filling the person with energy and strength, even if the user is just an ordinary man. However, in that case, she will simply act as an extremely sharp and deadly weapon.

Only witches can demonstrate her real power, as they could sharpen the blade or expand its attacking range by filling it with magic power. In that case, she's be able to stab enemies without even touching them.[3]

She can also increase a witch magic power limit, so that something that had been impossible became nearly possible. With her help, the witches did not have to consume a considerable amount of magic power at a time but they only needed to apply their ability several times.[4]

Weaknesses Edit

  • After she becomes a weapon, if no one is holding her, she'll be completely cut off from the outside world. She will feel like floating in the air, only seeing pitch-dark and can neither hear anything nor sense anything. Only when someone is holding her, does she regain her senses through the user.[3]
  • If she is used like a normal weapon, she will also get hurt when the person using her strikes too many blows.[3]

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Broken Sword

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