Breeze is a witch of Sleeping Spell.

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She bring comfort and happiness to the people around her, like a spring breeze. 



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Her ability belongs to the summoning type.

Awakening Edit

"Field Control" (Domination): She can control the bodies of anyone within five meters.

She could summon the "field control" over 10 times a day and each time she would only use half of her magic power. While performing it, she would not be hindered from freely moving around either. The "field control" is invisible to naked eyes, which made it extremely hard for the enemies to defend themselves from her surprise attacks.

Her ability are of no use when facing long-distance attacks, such as crossbow bolts and spear throwers. However, once she got within five meters of her enemies, she would have the full control of the situation. She also remains almost invincible in any close combat.[1]

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