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The Bottomless Land refers to a land formation made of an enormous hole, with no visible bottom, a several kilometers long diameter and smooth edges.[1]


It is located in an island [1] at the north end of the Land of Dawn and it connects to the Realm of Mind.[2] The island is filled with vegetation and is of a similiar size to the Sleeping Island. [3] It is protected by the Guardian, a being as old as the world's cycle (around 10 million years).[4] It is described by her as a bridge that connects to the Realm of Mind, but that can only be opened with a key (the completed legacy of the gods).[5]

Despite its name, it has a bottom which even though is very deep it is seen by Anna, Nightingale, and Serakkas. It is solid with a smooth and shiny look,a clean luster and translucent, looking nothing like an object of their world.[6]


It was first mentioned by name, but without any context ("From ... hssst ... Bottomless Land ... no intention ... hssst ... this is rule ...") by the monster Roland fought in the villa area of the Dream World. [7]

Later, Roland hears of the Bottomless Land again, but now since Lan was the one talking, she provides him with the context he needed. It appears to be how magic is inserted in the world, since it is refered as the Origin of Magic. Lan also reveals that in order for him to stop the Battle of Divine Will and ressurect Ashes he needs to first get into the Realm of Mind in both the Real World and Dream World simultaneously. However, since the entrance to the Realm of Mind in the Real World is in the Bottomless Land, in the Demons' land he still has to continue fighting them until he expells them from there.[2]

Eventually, after killing Alpha at the port, Roland sees the end of the previous 10 million year cycle of the Battle of Divine Will. There he sees thousands of Match Men being pushed into the fathomless pit (Bottomless Land) by the Radiation Clan. Soon after, the winners joins the last piece of the Relic to itself and a strong glow emanates from it and into the pit, making the pit shoot an orange beam to the Bloody Moon in the sky. Then, some went into the light and the rest that stayed got eventually all killed when the world went through a series of cataclysmic events.[8]

While on her search for Neverwinter, Joan arrives at an island connected to a vast land near the north of the continent. There, she finds a lot ofstone tablets encircling an immense pit, whose diameter might be several kilometers. It is fathomless and has a smooth mouth. While looking at it and at the Bloody Moon she thought that it would probably fill up the hole if it fell off. [1]

Camilla Dary, while using her powers on Joan, sees it and describes it as an unfathomable circular pit that stretched out endlessly across the horizon.[9]

Later on, Hackzord finds it while on an apparently endless ocean strech when suddenly extensive white mist appears around him. It seemed that even though it wasn't far from the Land of Dawn or the Blackstone Region, no one had noticed this strange phenomenon over the past several hundred years. While using the five-colored magic stone, which is capable of reflecting a being's magic power and link it to the Origin of Magic, Hackzord saw countless beams that came from all directions but all converged into the Bottomless Land. Soon after, he got attacked by a few evolved Nest Mothers but managed to get away. [5]

The island is eventually overrun by the Deep Sea Demons as hinted by Hackzord[5] and by the Demons fleeing from the Blackstone Region.[10] It is confirmed by the Graycastle army on their floating Deity of Gods as they enter the perimeter of the Bottomless Land and Eleanor soon fires the weapons on the North Slope Mountain against the Nest Mothers. Soon after, Graycastle's troops also start to attack, but this time targetting the invisible blade beasts.[11] After talking with the Guardian, Anna jumps insideit with Roland's body to which Nightingale and Serakkas soon follow.[12] There they reach the bottom and, after following a light, deliver Roland's body to tube-shaped figure which sitcks it in a wall.[13]

Later, probably due to Roland's help they leave and return to the camp. When Ashes is ressurected, she also reappears there.[14]


  • After Hackzord's mention of the Bottomless Land to the humans, the land that surrounds it started to be called Mist Island due to the illusory mist being formed around the island.
Spoiler Warning
In the bottom of it, all of the world's recordings and the Custodian's body is kept.


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