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The Bloodfang Association was a group created by Heidi Morgan that accepted only combat witches from Wolfsheart Kingdom and gave non-combat witches to other nobles to provide cover for her association from the Church.


The Association was created by Morgan as trump card in her fight for Wolfsheart throne, thus she put serious restrictions for witch rectruitment. Only witches with combat potential were taken into its ranks, while the rest were sold out to nobles. New witches had to go through hard training.

After the Church invaded Wolfsheart Kingdom, Morgan had to leave it, no longer counting on noble support and joined Tilly's escape to Fjord Islands.


The Bloodfang Association was among the witches that attacked the bases of the Church found in the Fjords.


As a witch group composed of only combat witches, the Bloodfang Association possesses members who all have powers useful in fighting or killing people.

Known Members[]