Blackveil was one of the Church's Pure Witches. She died in the final battle between the Church and the First Army.

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She is a young woman, who hid her face with translucent black veil, that leaves only her bleak silver-gray eyes showing.[1]

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Her ability belongs to the summoning type.

Awakening Edit

Anxiety Inducement: The people who see her would feel the inner feeling of dread that she felt when she was young.[2]

Adulthood Edit

"Eyes of Death" (Fear Inducement): Her power was further strengthened when she entered her adulthood. The strong sense of fear would occupy people's minds as long as they saw her eyes, and thus they would kill themselves or hurt people around them due to their maniac surmises.[2]

Branch Ability Edit

Sensory Inducement: With a simple eye-to-eye contact she could cause not only fear but also unclear illusions. Although her ability could only impact one person at a time, it would also play a vital role at a critical juncture.[2]

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Church Edit

Zero Edit

Blackveil was fully loyal to Zero, following her into battle without questioning.

Isabella Edit

Trivia Edit

  • During the decisive battle, out of more than 700 casualties the First Army suffered, 80% were caused by her (Ch. 634), but the number is different in another chapter.
  • More than 700 people from the First Army had been killed upon her fatal stare. (Ch. 1068)

References Edit

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