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Black gunpowder is the first chemical explosive created by Roland Wimbledon. It consists of sulfur, charcoal, and saltpeter mixed in a ratio of 1:1.5:7.5[1]. Black gunpowder was eventually replaced by smokeless powder.

Overview Edit

Gunpowder was made from easily accessible ingredients for snow powder, an alchemical product used at banquets and ceremonies. Due to its different proportions (60% of charcoal, 20% of sulfur and saltpeter and 20% of other ingredients) snow powder had slow combustion speed and couldn't be used as explosive.

The Alchemist Association of King's City independently found the right production formula for black gunpowder after repeated tests.

Production Edit

Initially, Roland purchased saltpeter at Willow Town and sent to the warehouse. There it had been ground and measured, ready to be sent to labs built near North Slope Mine when needed. All three main components mixture and transportation had been completed by different groups to avoid leaking secrets of production. When mixed, gunpowder would go through the process of soaking, compressing, drying, grinding, and screening. Its granulas would be similar in size and inflammable, therefore, to prevent sparking, all metal products were replaced by wood and ceramics[1].

Uses Edit

Gunpowder was used as a propellant in flintlocks and 12-pound field artillery, as well as throwable explosives put into wooden boxes or packages.

References Edit

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