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Berserker Pill or Pill of madness is a drug created by the Church's alchemists to improve a person's fighting ability against the demons.


Berserker Pills were created by Holy Prayer Room researchers to compensate for humans' fragility and weakness against demons. There are two types of drugs, the red pill gives one inhumane strength while the black pill multiplies one's pain, heat and cold tolerances.[1]

When someone takes the 2 types of pills, Strengthening and Tolerance, together, their appearance changes. They gain blue pulsing veins on their forehead, the skin become dark red and their breath hasten. Their speed and strength drastically increase, allowing them to run as fast as a horse.[2]

After taking the pills, an ordinary person without training gains strength and speed comparable to that of a knight's.

The Church tells its believers that berserker pills are holy medicine.

Side Effects[]

After taking the pills, people suffer strong withdrawal, and are unable to live without another dose. After every intake their organs deteriorate with such speed that they could only take 3 pills in average before they die from organ failure. This effect is similar to the consumption of a God's Stone of Retaliation.


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