Battle of Divine Will is a main conflict between four races able to use Magic which happens once per a 400 years.  

Each race are fighting for the Legacy Shard, or Divine Will, to upgrade their race. 

This conflict can't be resolved peacefully because when a race lose its Legacy Shard, the doomsday of the whole race will begin. 

The Red Moon apparition announces war's beginning.  

According to Lan, God Apostle Traitor, the battle of Divine Will is cyclic, the end of one will initiate the beginning of another. 

During a previous cycle, the Radiation Clan won the Battle of Divine Will, and joined the four shards together, and disappeared in a ray of light, leaving behind huge climatic changes.[1]

 The actual Cycle confront 4 races: 

 The Underground Civilization lost its Legacy Shard against the Deep Sea Demons and the Demons. With the upgrade of their races, the end of the Underground Civilization came.

Trivia Edit

  • The Battle of Divine Will is actually a battle to force evolution via competition between species. For humans, it's a senseless fight as Roland's Earth knowledge advances them.

References Edit

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