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Aurora was a Pure Witch under archbishop Tayfun.


She had long braided hair, her eyes were blindfolded with a ribbon and around them were scars that looked like they had been repeatedly burned by red-hot iron. Her skin was red and wrinkled.[1]


Aurora was a fanatic.



Powers & Abilities[]


Her ability belonged to the summoning type.

Magic Power Form[]

Her magic power inside of her was as bright as a fluorescent light.[2]


Silver Whip (Whip Generation): She could summon a silver light that took the form of a silver whip. The immense power of the silver whip was extraordinarily scorching and intense, and it could pulverize stone into dust. It can also be divided into dozens of whips. She could wrap it around her as a spinning band of light for defense by blocking any attack, thus, with her immense amount of magic power, even hundreds of arrows were futile against her.

Defensive Barrier (Sub-Ability) Ever since this ability was unlocked, Aurora has activated it at all times. As days passed, this barrier has grown strong enough to be able to block arrows, swords, spears etc. However, when she is fighting against Nightingale, two revolver cartridges, which bullets can travel ~58m/s, could drain and exhaust her magic power instantly.[3] This proves that given enough force, her barrier can still be destroyed if the incoming force is powerful enough.

Magic Sensing: She could use the whip to locate any magical power.[3]


Church []




  • While she appeared for the first time in Chapter 414, her name was revealed in Chapter 421.[4]


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