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Aphra (called Aphura in the manhua[1]), also known as Faceless, was a Pure Witch under archbishop Heather. She died after attempting to assassinate a group of witches.


In her true form, she is a young woman with long blue hair.[2]


Aphra was a fanatic, willing to commit any atrocity in the name of the Church.


Since her ability was perfect for assassination, she was one of the few witches who was kept and specifically trained by the church.[3]

She assisted Archbishop Heather, and disposed of many Fallens, including witches who betrayed the church, and believers who were degenerated by the secular world.

Under the archbishop's order, she transformed a pious chief justice into the King of Graycastle, so that they could announce the Royal Decree on the Selection of Crown Prince.[4]


Aphra was sent to kill the witch with the ability to cure the Demonic Plague under orders of High Priest Ferry so that she wouldn't undermine his plans. Through using her shapeshifting abilities, Aphra snuck into the First Army camp pretending to be a soldier she murdered and found the witches at the centre of the camp. Aphra attempted to assassinate all four of the witches but she was discovered and ultimately killed by Nightingale before any of the other witches could be killed.


Young Aphra, as Archbishop Heather is recruiting her into the Tribunal of the Church

She was taught skills of combat and assassination.


Her ability belongs to the enchanting type.


Shapeshifter - She could completely disguise herself as someone else as long as she touched that person. Not only her appearance, but also her body shape and voice would be perfectly substituted. The effect could only last for half a day.


Shapeshifting Others - She could also disguise other people. When she replaced others, to create a long-term effect, she almost used up all the magic power in her body, and the substitution process would last for about an hour.


While she could disguise herself and others as someone else, only the body changed, the clothes didn't. Also while she was able to imitate someone's appearance, she could not read their mind. If she met one of their acquaintances, she would be easily exposed.



God’s Punishment Stones:

Aphra’s mechanism: Within her sleeve she had concealed a mechanism that activated at the first moment of contact. Spraying a white alchemic powder to the rear, which on contact with water would release a lot of heat. In case the enemy got any of it inside their mouth or eyes, they would immediately lose their fighting strength. Even if they were lucky enough not to breathe any of the fine powder in, they would at least be flustered for a while.



She was completely loyal to the Church, to the point that she would be proud to sacrifice herself for them.


She assisted Heather and only in front of her, would Aphra resume her real appearance.



Fallen Witches[]

For her, catching fallen witches, was one of her leisure activities. She liked to imitate those witches who suffered from punishment and torture and then experienced all of their pains. That made her deeply understand the significance of what she did. It was also her atonement for owning the demon's power.



  • Her name meant dust and was given to her by Heather. She was fond of this name because dust was plain and once it fell on the ground, it would be difficult to be recognized, just like her.
  • She was the first witch Nightingale killed, although she doesn't know her identity as a Pure Witch.


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