Anna Wimbledon is the Queen of the Kingdom of Graycastle. She is a witch from Border Town, and the first witch Roland meets.

Appearance Edit

Anna is a pretty young woman with long flaxen hair and lake-like blue eyes. Compared to Nightingale, Roland noted that she looked childlike.[2]

Personality Edit

Normally, Anna is a reserved person who doesn't say much unless needed or spoken to. This changes when she is alone with Roland, or when they are talking about science. She becomes very talkative and lively, almost as if she was another person.

Anna is straightforward to a fault. She doesn't like beating around the bush and goes straight to the heart of the matter in conversations.

Anna is a studious and genius person, who enjoys to learn new things; Karl noted that in his class she would always have more questions. As she learn more from Roland, her thirst for knowledge only increases. Roland also noticed that she almost always has a book on hand to read.

Anna is also a bit shy. This is shown when she says she isn't comfortable with showing acts of affection with Roland in public. Though she is okay with praising of her accomplishments. While she can never be one naturally, Anna does have a maternal side. Anna is comforting and supporting to the young members of the Witch Union.

She fullheartedly accepts inventions Roland produces, always trusting good intentions are behind them. Anna even helps an apprehensive and embarrassed Nightingale understand the new "garment" Roland had made for the older witches was out of concern and not some kind of perverse idea.

It is hinted Anna shared almost the same amount of IQ as Tilly.

Background Edit

Anna was born to a poor family and her father is a miner in Border Town. Anna attended Karl van Bate's school and enjoyed learning everything she could.

One day there was a fire in her house which resulted in the death of her mother. This was also the day she awakened as a witch. After her mother's death, her father would almost never let her outside of the house.

When the mine collapsed, she rushed to the mine and found her father with a crushed leg being robbed by another miner. She used her power to kill the looter and was reported for being a witch by her father for a reward of 25 golden royals.

Chronology Edit

Anna was about to be hanged when Roland ordered to postpone it for later. Next day he visited her in the dungeon and after making sure her power was real, proposed her to work for him.[3]

After the hiring, Anna was led into the castle and told by Roland to practice her control of magic. During this time, she also started receiving lessons on science from Roland.[4]

When she mastered flame control enough to not burn her clothes, Roland tasked her to fire cement and weld metal parts.[5]

She befriended other witches Nana and Nightingale and stood up for the former when her father rushed into the castle.

She revealed herself to townspeople while closing the gap made by tortoise demonic hybrid during the defense of the town in the Months of Demons. After that, she fainted due to magic exhaustion and had slept a week. She safely got over Day of Adulthood, without the slightest pain, and developed her magic into green flame.[6]

With her new ability, Anna was able to accelerate Roland's plan to improve Border Town.

Trivia Edit

  • The 1st hot air balloon created by Roland was a gift for her.[7]
  • Her necklace is a tracking sigil offered by Roland.[8]
  • For a long time, she thought it was her awakening that had led to the fire, ending in the situation that she became extremely disgusted with herself being a witch.[9]
  • Her mother had always picked some Bird Beak Mushrooms on her birthdays and they celebrated her birthday with a couple of mushroom dishes.[10]
  • Among witches from Witch Union, she was the first to evolve her ability.

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