Release That Witch PV

Originally announced in 2018, it was cancelled after a year or two due to company complaints.

One comment in youtube explained this.

"OK,let me tell u the truth, this is not PV, this is Demo, Demo from other company want to animate this novel, but that company failed. the real issue is this demo is not for public adverting and this is only for writer to make a decision, animate or not? they said: no. and they took the demo and told the public ,this is our Pv, and this is Illegal. here is the answer."

The source of the information above comes from a reddit post. The reddit user posting it claims it was originally posted by the director of Thundray, the studio that created the PV and was supposed to work on the anime adaptation of Release that Witch. The same reddit user also provided a "rough" English translation of that post.

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