Amy is a witch from the Kingdom of Wolfheart. She escaped from the Kingdom of Dawn, together with Yorko and three other witches from Wolfheart, to the Kingdom of Graycastle.

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She has brown hair, that tumble unbound down her shoulders.[1]

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Amy is a kind girl who was willing to sacrifice her body for her friend.

Background Edit

Amy used to live in the suburbs of the Wolfheart City. At some point she met Annie and let her live at her place.[2]

When the church army attacked Wolfheart City and threw a large number of bodies infected by the demonic plague into the city, Annie and Amy ended being infected, but survived thanks to Hero treatment.[3]

After Wolfheart City fell, Annie had noticed the curious behavior of the Judgement Army soldiers and followed them, discovering Hero in the process.

Several months later they met Broken Sword, who at the time was caught by the church believers who garrisoned there and was to be sent to Holy City. After Annie had ambushed the unit who was escorting her and thus saving Broken Sword, they had to leave as the church had intensified their searching operation by several times, and they had nowhere to hide. So they joined refugees and left Wolfheart. They went all the way to the south until finally settling down in an orphanage in the City of Glow.[4]

Her identity as a witch would later be discovered and reported by some citizens to "Black Money", who would then capture her. They would torture her, discover her self-healing ability and then decide to put her for sale in their auction.[1]

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Her ability belonged to the self-strengthening type.

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Regeneration: She can heal herself with her ability.[1]

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  • Out of the four witches from Wolfheart, Amy was the only literate one.[5]

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