Alice was a transcendent extraordinary witch, one of the three Chiefs of the Union and the First Pope of the Church. She's was responsible for the creation of the God's Punishment Army and the foundation of the Church.

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She possessed both feminine beauty and masculine fortitude, which blended naturally and did not conflict with each other. She had red hair, that seemed like streaks of burning flame.[1]

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Alice, the Queen of the City of the Falling Star, one of the Federation Three High Seats. She was a rank above Exceed, a so-called Transcendent. Even among all the Federation’s Holy Warriors, she was the most powerful one.

Her immense power aside, the reason why Lady Alice was able to become Queen of Starfall City and also the Head of the Three Chairs was that her intelligence and methods were superior to most witches. On a few occasions, her decisions saved the Union from the verge of collapse.

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Her ability belonged to the Self-enforcing type.

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